I tip hair extensions NYC, New York

I tip Hair Extension NYC New York is a creative method in Hair extension technology. InNew YorkI tip hair extension is offered for a choice of hair extensions types. I tip extension for Micro links, Remy cuticle hair, I-tip Brazilian human hair extension and a lot. Patricia hair salon NYC is best in I tip hair extensions. They carry out all types of hair extension with this I tip hairs. I tip hair extensions NYC are for Micro ring hair extensions.

Straight hair

 The Micro rings Hair Extensions appear in different colors of metal and are enclosed with plastic, which craft the hair more comfort. Finally the hair is a protein tips shaped like a fingertip and then melt the glue with the fusing tool. It saves time and no need to do any cutting or weft removing. The most important is that this hair can be reused. With proper care and Protection this extension remains for more months. 

I tip hair extension is one of the most recent hair extension methods to used by most of the people in New York. In Patricia salon there are huge numbers of hair extensions available to make hair looks thicker and beauty. The hair extensions prepared here are well tested in the clinics before it has been accomplished by the experts of Patricia.

Add hair volume at the best hair volume salon

One can add volume to hair through hair extensions is not a difficult task but finding the right place for that is the complex one. Patricia is one of the best hair volume salons in New York to add hair volume to your hair. Some of the hair extensions like African American Hair Extensions and Ethnic Hair Extension helps to add hair volume to your hair. Patricia the hair volume salon is best in these hair extensions to add hair volume naturally.

Thick hair, Ethnic hair, Volume hair.

Patricia hair salon uses only 100% natural human hair for all kinds of hair extensions. They offer hundred different varieties of hair extensions for adding hair volume. Ethnic hair extension is a unique hair extension that adds volume to your hair. This hair extension gives you long lasting hair without shedding or damaging. Patricia hair salon carries out full time service for its clients. So with all the benefits Patricia salon is the best hair volume salon to add hair volume to your hair.

Our Patricia Famous hair salon is located in all over the country. Patricia hair salon is doing their service for people in hair technology for two decades.

Curly Human Hair Extensions in New York

Curly Human Hair Extensions in New York come in different types. The important ones are Natural Curly Human Hair Extensions. Natural Curly Human Hair Extensions are made from human hair. These hair extensions look natural and believable. Natural Curly Human Hair Extensions are soft to touch and can be styled like normal hair. It can be easily highlighted, colored and permed. You have great options in Patricia’s black Curly Human Hair Extensions, as these naturally black and curly hair look very believable. The natural curly hair extensions need a lot of maintenance. Patricia Hair Extensions Salon Curly Human Hair Extensions specialists have extensive knowledge on Curly Human Hair Extensions.

01Curly Human Hair Extensions

Patricia Hair Extension salon in New York is highly skilled in handling all types of Curly Human Hair Extensions. They present more than 70 different types of hair extensions and hair replacements. They have solutions for all hair related problems and they are in fact working out very well. They have many hair extension types to make short hair long, or to make thin hair fuller.

Patricia Curly Human Hair Extensions in New York Salon uses only 100% Human Hair Extensions which are branded and of top quality. They gives you all comforts and opulence and indeed very much hygienic. The staffs in this salon are all certified and well trained and experienced in treating all types of hairs. This salon pursues the latest technologies in their salon where you can see nowhere but here. Patricia Curly Human Hair Extensions in New York offer a drastic change to the hair. Whether you need extra length for a wedding Updo or desire more volume. You have tons of options available in Patricia Hair Extensions Salon.

Patricia’s Curly Human Hair Extensions in New York are comprised of human hair. The highest quality human hair is considered Indian Remy, this is because the cuticle in Indian Remy hair is straight and flat and flowing in the same direction. Indian Remy hair is the shiniest and the most lustrous human hair available. Second in line is European human hair, which is a blend of Indian, Latin American and European hair. You get what you pay for when purchasing human hair and the better the quality, the more you will spend. Curly hair extensions are the best option if you want the most natural appearance that can be styled and cleansed as usual.

Patricia Curly Human Hair Extensions in New York Salon always use human hair for in New York and only the best quality is served here. That is why we are the top leading Curly hair extensions salon in New York and we have customers from all over the world who always occupy our NYC Curly Hair Extensions Salon, Long Island Curly Hair Extensions Salon, Westchester Curly Hair Extensions Salon, Manhattan Curly Hair Extensions Salon, etc.

They serve the New York, NY, NYC, and NJ, CT areas with clients from Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, New Jersey, Connecticut, Westchester, Philadelphia, Boston, Staten Island, and Long Island. They recommend you to visit Patricia Curly Human Hair Extensions Salon in New York once for a free hair consultation, where you can see, feel, touch, and see all of our different Curly Human Hair Extensions types and you can choose which one is the best for you.

Patricia Curly Human Hair Extensions in New York Salon sells the best Curly Human Hair Extensions in New York. Patricia Curly Human Hair Extensions Salon is the renowned hair extensions salon in New York. It is only few minutes from nearly all destinations in Long Island, New York. They are the lead in New York for Curly Human Hair Extensions and perform more hair extensions and female hair replacement for people living in Long Island, LI than anyone other.

New York Hair Extensions

New York  Hair Extensions Salons

In New York, there is no limit to the amount of hair extensions salons.  There are many different types of hair extensions salons in the New York area.  Most claim to be good, and many have bogus reviews on Citysearch.  What is a person to do that lives in New York, and wants to find the best hair extensions salon? Or if you are visiting the New york area, or live near the New York area? Simple, go to the undisputed heavyweight champ of hair extensions, the World’s Premier Hair Extensions Salon.  That Salon is Patricia’s Famous Hair Extensions Salon.

New York  Hair Extensions Salons1

Patricia’s New York Hair extensions salon is the only salon in the world that offers well over 70 Different Hair Extensions types.  Nobody offers more different hair extensions types.  That is over 60, an incredible amount, and they are located in New York.  No need to look elsewhere.  They are easy to travel to from all over New York.  You can drive or take the train.  They are one block form the Steinway St station if you take the R or V trains.

New York  Hair Extensions Salons

They offer same day consultations and hair service.  Nobody else has that type of same day hair service..  They have the most massive amount of hair inventory, all 70 hair extension types are in Inventory!

So the answer is clear.  Live in New York? Work in New York? Near New York? Visiting New York? Check out Patricia’s Famous New York hair extensions salon.  They can be reached at

30-71 Steinway St

Astoria, New York