Hair Extensions for Short Hair

Hair Extensions for Short Hair

Do you have short hair? Did you get a bad haircut?  As I write this article, I see a client that had come in with short hair, and hence thought of this subject.  If you have short hair, you will need hair extensions for short hair.  Hair extensions is different from other type of hair extensions in the fact you need more hair and more work to make the hair extensions work.  Usually hair extensions work for people more easily when their hair is shoulder length.  If it is only a few inches long, or chin length, neck length, more work is required to correctly blend the hair extensions.

Hair Extensions for Short Hair2

Patricia’s hair salon have hair experts in taking the challenging aspects of attaching hair extensions to the people who is having short hairs in NYC, New York, NY, Manhattan, Queens. The rule of thumb is usually to go with hair twice the length of your current hair.  If you want more because your hair is so short, that requires more hair for blending, and that makes the cost of the hair extension higher.  We also recommend doing a combination of hot hair fusion with cold fusion for the more visible hair areas when your hair is short.  Short hair requires that level of attention and detail to make the hair look great.

The key when it comes to hair extensions for short hair, is to find a hair expert.  You need to find the best hair extension salon out there, or the hair extension will not look good.  One of these at home workers doesnt cut it.  A salon with only a few hair extensions performed doesn’t work either.

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That is why Patricia’s Hair Extensions Salon is the go to choice for quality hair extensions for short hair.  They perform over 70 different hair extension types, and are the World’s best hair extensions salon.  They have performed over 20,000 different hair extensions, and have well over 1000 pictures on their website.  They are located in New York, NY, NYC and serve the New York, New Jersey, CT, Philadelphia, Boston, Manhattan, Long Island areas.

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