Staten Island Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions near Staten Island, NY – close to Staten Island, NY

If you live in the Staten Island, NY area, we all know that it can be very difficult to find a quality hair extensions salon.  There are not many top of the line people that perform hair extensions in Staten Island.  We recommend you come to Queens, NY which is minutes from Staten Island, and visit the world’s top hair extensions salon, which is Patricia’s Famous Hair Extensions Salon.  They are located in Astoria, Queens, NY which is not far from Staten Island.

Hair Extensions near Staten Island NY

Their salon is close to all the major areas of Staten Island, such as the Staten Island mall,  etc. It is well worth the drive, and they specialize in same day hair extensions, so you can get a consultation, and do the hair extension right away. No need to come back twice like all other amateur salons.

When looking for a hair extensions salon in Staten Island, the key is to find a salon that are experts in multiple different hair extension types.  The type of salon that is not biased in finding the best hair extensions for you. The type of salon that based on your budget and hair type, will get you the best hair extension.  That salon is Patricia’s Famous Hair Extensions Salon, the top rated salon in the Staten Island, NY area.

Hair Extensions near Staten Island- NY

So if you live in Staten Island, are visiting Staten Island, near Staten Island, make sure you take a quick ride to Patricia’s Famous Hair extensions salon.  They are well worth the trip, and you will be glad you made the trip from Staten Island, NY.

They can be reached at



30-71 Steinway St

Astoria, NY, 11103